About Me

Known in the world of bankruptcy as Piggy Bankrupt, my real name is Mark Davis. I experienced bankruptcy in January of 2006 and since then I have made strong efforts to help others. This page provides you with a short introduction to me. If you would like to know more about my qualifications and experience then please go to my credentials page.

In the beginning

It started in 2006 when I had to declare myself bankrupt at the age of 27 due to a failed financial services business. It did well in the first two years but in the final year some serious competition came along. The business very quickly made some losses and after seeking advice I decided that the best solution for me was bankruptcy.

Although my bankruptcy was relatively straight forward it had a profound effect on my life. It was later that year I decided to publish a blog to share my experience with others. Since then I have appeared in The Independent, The Guardian and the Manchester Evening News. I have also received interest from a number of other papers and T.V. channels such as BBC News 24 and ITV.

Once life had settled following the bankruptcy I decided to put my financial services experience to good use and embarked on a mission to help others. I launched this website and passed the Certificate of Proficiency in Personal Insolvency with distinction (for more information about my training, please go to the credentials page).

Over the last couple of years this website has helped hundreds of thousands of people. This is something that I am extremely proud of and often receive e-mails of thank-you.

My intentions moving forward

My intention is to continue helping people. I take enormous pleasure in knowing that the help I provide has a positive impact on people's lives. When I went bankrupt there was no one person that I could speak to who had been through bankruptcy and could offer a personal perspective. I hope that my efforts have gone some way to closing that gap. I also hope that my achievements show that there is life after bankruptcy and that it most certainly is not the end of the road.

Getting help with bankruptcy is never going to be easy, it is such a huge step. If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, from my own experience and others, it is that information and advice are paramount and can make a real difference.

I really hope that this website can be of good use to you. Before you carry on browsing though I would like to stress that although I have placed a large amount of information on this website you must still get advice. The information contained here, or any website or forum for that matter, may not be sufficient to get you through the bankruptcy. You really do need personal advice.

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