The Barclays Basic Current Account

The Barclays Basic Current account is a basic bank account that may be available to you after a bankruptcy order has been made against you. It is also suitable for people who wish to keep tighter control over their money through a new bank account.

It would appear that this product replaces the Cash Card Account.

Applying for a Barclays Basic Current Account

To apply for your account you will need to visit your local branch. You should take with you proof of ID and proof of address. It may be a good idea to contact your local branch to make an appointment and establish what ID is acceptable.

Check your Credit Report

When you apply for the basic current account Barclays will check your credit report. Any inaccuracies or mistakes could lead to refusal. Best to get it right first time.

You can get a 30 day free trial of your Experian credit report online. Go to Experian's website for more information.

What Facilities does the Basic Current Account Offer?

A Visa debit card or cash card for use at ATMs only are available.

You will have access to telephone banking and be able to set up direct debits and standing orders. You will also receive statements.

There are no borrowing facilities with the Basic Current account.

Where can I Apply for the Barclays Basic Current Account?

In your nearest Barclays branch you will be able to apply.

Why Might I be Declined?

If you have a record of fraud, an incorrect credit report or cannot provide ID then your application may be declined.

If you are declined you may wish to apply for an account that you are guaranteed to be accepted for such as the Cashplus account.