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My Bankruptcy Journey

In 2006 I put pen to paper and wrote about my bankruptcy through a blog. Before I knew it I was appearing in national newspapers, speaking with T.V. networks and receiving a large number of enquiries through the internet. I never expected to get so much attention but I am glad I did!

I continue to show my blog for the very same reason I published it. This was the lack of personal perspective on bankruptcy, which was something I sought at the time. The telling of my journey continues to help thousands of others.

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personal experiences

Personal Experiences

To continue my quest to bring a personal perspective to bankruptcy I complement my own writings with those of others. By sharing our experiences we start to close in on a gap that can make bankruptcy an isolating experience.

Through the personal experiences section you can read about other peoples experience of bankruptcy and post your own so that others can benefit from reading yours. Another reason I feel that it is important to share our experiences is so that we can have our say and show the world what bankruptcy is really about.

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News from Piggy Bankrupt


Everyone can benefit greatly from news pertaining to personal finance. Whether it is keeping an eye on the economy, interest rates or legislation changes regarding bankruptcy there is always more to learn.

For the benefit of my readers I post news of interest into this section of the website. Some will be items written by myself as I think of them, others will explain some of the complexities that may be entering the news as current affairs. You can also keep abreast of the latest from Piggy Bankrupt.

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