Can I get credit after bankruptcy?

Credit after bankruptcy is obtainable. There are some important points to note that will help make your search for credit much easier.

As a first step, it is essential that you begin to repair your credit after bankruptcy. This will increase the chances of future credit applications being successful. For credit repair products go to the APS credit rebuilder page or for information go to repairing your credit after bankruptcy page.

It will also help you to understand the criteria that credit providers use to measure risk. This will allow you to position yourself for credit after bankruptcy. See the credit rating page for further information.

Understand what credit providers do to hedge against the risk that someone after bankruptcy poses to them. For example, they will usually require security for a personal loan and a deposit on a car loan. If you know this in advance you can prepare.

The types of credit available to you after bankruptcy may include credit cards, loans, car loan and a mortgage.